Buster Keel Wiki
Name Vamper
Kanji バンパー
Romanji Banpā
Alternative spelling Banpaa, Bumper
Race Vampire
Rank S (default monster rank "B")
Gender Male
Affiliations Ayakashi
Catchphrase Bat End!
Manga Debut Chapter 4

Vamper is a Vampire and a member of Ayakashi. He was teamed up with Toutan.


Vamper has spiky purple hair and purple eyes. He has a lot of tattoos and piercings. He wears a purple and black stripped shirt with a white vest and brown plaid pants.


Vamper appears to be cruel yet laid-back but is actually quite impulsive, short tempered, and violent. He doesn't like to fight battles that with opponents he finds weak and usually likes to finish them off quickly. But he also can help his foes; when Lavi ask him to carry everybody out Necropolis, he accept.


He first appeared with Toutan trying to steal the sacred treasure. He ends up fighting Blue. He then shows them that he is made up of a bunch of bats so he can't be killed. He easily beats Blue and goes to kill Keel and Lavi. But then Blue gets back up and reveals his true form. As they battle Blue uses a strong attack and Banpaa turns into a Bat to escape. He and Toutan decide to leave because they dont want to deal with Keel and Blue. As the two leave Banpaa is chased by Toutan for saying he is stronger.

Banpaa and Toutan find Keel

He later shows up at the Ayakashi meeting, he gets in a fight with Silver but stops when Gold shows up.

Vamper and Toutan later appear in the desert, where they wake up Keel who had earlier passed out from exhaustion.

Ability and powers[]

Batman Ability: Is a ability that lets Vamper's body made of a group of bats

Banpaa cant be cut or hit.

which mean that if he is cut they just reconnect. This is a ability that not all vampires can do.



  • After he lost to Blue, Vamper refers to Blue as Blue-niisan.