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Thomas Addams
Name Thomas Addams
Kanji トーマス
Romanji Tōmasu
Age Unknown
Race Human
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 4

Thomas Addams was the Buster Keel party's first employer.


Thomas is a short young teenager with a bowl cut hair and has freckles. He wears a pair of glasses and was wearing an armor that was clearly to big for him. He wears a suit underneath the armor and carries a bag full of items on his left side.


Thomas is a clumsy person and sometimes degrades himself when he sees someone better than him. Despite this Thomas is still capable of standing up to his main beliefs and goals.


Thomas is the son of the late head of Addams' Town. Unlike his father he wasn't good at a lot of things however he still wanted his father to be proud of him. In his father's death bed he promised to become the new head instead of his cousin and with that his father passed away with ease. Thomas then filed for the Adventurer's Guild's help to pass a test that all head of Adam's Town must go through before becoming the lord.

The Buster Keel party arrived along with Blue, who wasn't a member yet, and together they would work together to find a treasure that is proof of lordship. However, they weren't the only ones who were after the treasure, Thomas' cousin, Charles was also aiming to be the head. They travel to Addams' Towns remains where the heads are buried. There they must fight a magical armor in order to pass the test. After defeating it Charles comes and steals the proof of lordship only to be defeated by Banpaa and Toutan. A fight ensues between opposing parties and ends up in Banpaa and Toutan retreating and Thomas becoming the new head.

Powers and Abilities[]

Thomas is an ordinary person with no power at all. Howver, he is still the head of the Addams' family who are the lords of Adam's Town thus showing that he does have influential powers.