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Chapter 17


B.Shamon, Ebinyansu,H. Rouge, Hotei, Juro, Sarah, Siva

Former Members


The Seven, are the seven adventurers who are in control of the adventurer associates. Judy, Siva's master, was a former member. Their headquarters is located at the Adventurer's Guild's Base "Sky Axes" of the West Capital Tenzik.


In order to become one of the Seven an Adventurer must prove that they are capable of performing eloquently in their field. It seems that each of the members carry a "Double Badge" of their class. For example, Sarah's necklace are two fist badges together. Apparently there doesn't seem to be a lot of young members in the Seven as when mentioned that Siva is only 35 and joining at his age is considered pretty amazing.

Each member's identity is a secret among the community. Only the Seven members themselves and a few other people who happen to come upon the information know their identities. Current Members:

  • B. Shamon - A large man who is known as the "Ultra Soldier."
  • Ebinyansu - A humanoid cat who is also a powerful summoner earning the title "Great Summoner."
  • H. Rouge - A "Great Philosopher" Apparent leader of the group.
  • Hotei - A cross-dresser who is a "Great Magician" and seems to have a friendly relationship with Sarah.
  • Juro - An "Arcane Magic Expert.' He has a Double Hammer Badge.
  • Sarah - A fighter who is capable of fighting Shikyou members evenly. She is Keel's master and has a Double-Knuckle Badge.
  • Siva - A Monster User who is also the apprentice of Judy. He takes Judy's place in the Seven. He has a Double-Headed Dragon Badge.

Former Member:

  • Judy - A Monster User who was very well known because of her participation during the Shikyou War.


The Seven was established most likely the same time the Adventurer's Guild was established so therefore at the very beginning. The group has so far been involved with the Shikyou War that happened 60 years prior to the storyline.

They have currently ordered a meeting among them to welcome the newest member, Siva, and to talk about the Shikyou member's current actions and the possibility of a second Shikyou War.

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