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"Kokushi Musou" Sarah
Name "Kokushi Musou" Sarah
Kanji サラ
Romanji Sara
Race Human
Gender Female
Type of Adventurer Fighter
Affiliations The Seven
Catchphrase So What?
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Sarah is nicknamed "Kokushi Musou", which means "Patriotic Fighter". She is Keel's master and a member of the Seven.


Sarah looks like a beautiful women who is only in her late twenties to early thirties. She has a mole on the left corner of her chin and has her hair tied up with some hair coming down from her sides. Her clothes are gothic like with her having a tank top with a skull on the front of it and the top showing some cleavage. She has an orange yukata that she doesn't entirely have on but rather just has it dangling from her elbows. She wears a black pair of shorts and stockings for her bottom portion. She is usually seen smoking.


Seemingly a rough and tumble woman, Sarah has a tendency to use brute force and vulgarity as a way to solve problems, especially when she deals with Keel and Blue. She commands authority and strength showing it through her tendency to intimidate others. She is however a good teacher as she knew exactly how to train Keel and Blue on the island using their natural habitats to make them grow exponentially in strength.

She also hates to be called "old".

Abilities and Powers[]

Due to being Keel's master and a part of the Seven, it can be assumed that Sarah is an extremely powerful individual and someone that taught Keel how to fight. In her first appearance in the manga, she easily punched away a creature much larger than she was with no effort, while Keel could barely budge it. As a result she has physical strength that trumps Keel's when they meet again, calling his Gahou a "piece of shit". She has also contended with Keel in his Dragon Ape form, which she comments is stronger than his human form even after his training. In Keel and Blue's after training battle, she stopped both of their attacks with little effort, hinting even more at her immense power.