Misisippi "Mippy" Teramoto
Name Misisippi "Mippy" Teramoto
Kanji ミシシッピ "ミッピー" 寺本
Romanji Mishishippi "Mippī" Teramoto
Race Devil Pig
Rank F
Gender Male
Affiliations Buster Keel
Catchphrase Oink!
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Mippy is Lavie's Devil-Pig, an F class monster. His ear-ring is the contract item given to him by his master. The letters on his diper are his initials. His age is young for his race, perportionaly it's most likly 5-6 in human terms.


Mippy is a ball looking pig with bat wings and devil antennas. He is seen wearing a short.


Mippy is kind of arrogant and thinks highly of himself however he does care about his friends.


Some time before the story Mippy met Lavie and became her monster partner. He is now traveling with Lavie, Keel, and Blue.

In Volume 11 we can see its adult trasformation.
V11 Back Flap

Mippy's Pig Devil adult form.


  • Mippy is base on the character Zhu Bajie from The Journey to the West. The both of them are pig.
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