Buster Keel Wiki
Name Kikazaru
Kanji キカザル
Romanji Kikizaru
Age Unknown
Race Monkey
Rank C
Gender Male
Type of Adventurer Fighter
Affiliations Behemoth (Former)
Manga Debut Chapter 17

Kikazaru is a member of Behemoth.


Kikazaru has dreadlocks and wears a pair of headphones with "X" on them. He wears a jersey shirt that says "Monkey 99" on it as well as cargo shorts and a pair of roller blades.


Kikazaru personality is similar to that of a monkey. He is cocky and hotheaded. He has a huge crush on Lavi.


Kikazaru, along with Iwazaru and Mizaru, were all orphaned monkey's taken in by some woman. One day she saw an orphaned Keel so they adopted him. And from his and his two brothers perspective Keel supposedly killed her.

Kikazaru as a child.


He first appear with his team after Lavi returns home. He asks Stately if he knows anything about the Divine Vessel. He starts beating up Stately, Lavi then has Mippy shoot fire at him. He dodges it and easily beats Mippy. He notices how cute Lavi is and decides to do "perverted things to her" right as he is about to Blue shows up and hits him with a water blast.

Powers and Abilities[]


Staff: Kikazaru wields a long staff with a ball at the end of it.



  • Kikazaru is based off one of the Three Wise Monkeys Kikazaru, which represents hear no evil.
  • His headphones have a X on it which represents hear no evil.