Buster Keel Wiki
Name Judy
Kanji ジュディ
Romanji Judi
Age Deceased
Race Human
Gender Female

Judy, or known as Melody Master Judy, is the master of Siva, as well as the partner of Shiro. A legendary monster user, she was considered as the greatest legend of the adventurers in the "Great Shikyou Battle," exactly 60 years ago. She, like Lavi, utilizes melody magic. She died three years prior to the main storyline.


Melody Master Judy

Judy is a petite woman with short hair, who often has a sunny expression. She wears a long sleeve with a panda print in front, paired with a short skirt. She also dons on a wool cap and a scarf.


Judy's memento.

As Shiro had stated, he became Judy's partner because of the latter's personality. She was a willful and a capricious partner. She was a pleasant woman, who at times was considered as insane by Shiro, because of her eccentric antics. She and her partner Shiro spent 70 years together in the search for the four sacred treasures, or known as the Jingi ("Instruments of God"). She also owns the manuscript of the seal melody.