Buster Keel Wiki
Name Gold
Kanji ゴールド
Romanji Gōrudo
Race Unknown
Rank S
Gender Male
Affiliations Ayakashi
Manga Debut Chapter 14

Gold is Silver's older brother and and a member Ayakashi.


Gold has pointed ears like his sister. He also wears a suit and a bow tie.


Gold is very protective of his sister silver and looks down on most people. He enjoys letting his fights last longer than needed for his own entertainment.


He first appeared in chapter 14 with his sister Silver hanging out with the other Ayakashi members.

Then he disguised himself as the famous adventurer Albra. He and his sister Silver (disguised as Yanxes) poisoned the hot springs in Gokuraku village. He then convinced the villagers, Mippi, Blue, and Ravi that the cause of the poison was the monster that lives in MT. Gokuraku. Keel how ever realized that the monster was Crem and protected it from the two. Blu, Mippi, and Ravi took his side and helped. Then Albra and Yanxes revealed that they had poisoned the water and transformed back to Gold and Silver.

Ability and powers[]