Buster Keel Wiki
Name FireBird
Kanji ファイバード
Romanji Faibādo
Age Unknown
Race Garuda
Rank S
Gender Male
Affiliations Ayakashi
Manga Debut Chapter 8

FireBird is a Garuda and a member of Ayakashi. He is teamed up with Kataiston .



He is the more childish one of the group often making fun of Kataiston for his formal manner. He hates it when people look down on him.


FireBird along with Kataiston arrived at shiro's house to steal his instrument of God. It appeared as though they had a huge amount of energy but it was actually Kurokiri. They were quickly defeated by Keel and the group. He and Kataiston then pretended to be knocked out until Kurokiri ordered them to take the instrument. They then escaped along with Kurokiri and the instrument.

Ability and powers[]