Buster Keel Wiki
Name Bone
Kanji ボーン
Romanji Bōn
Race Skeleton
Rank D
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 23

Bone is a skeleton. He used to be human who came to Necropolis to search for a treasure, but instead died. Before he realized it, he was wandering around in Necropolis and the only thing he remembers was his name and that he was searching for a treasure.




Bone is first seen in Necropolis, where he found and saved Mippy. At first after Mippy woke up, he was scared by him, since he is a skeleton. But after getting to know each other, they started to like each other and became friends. Mippy decided to help Bone to search for the treasure he seeks and started wandering at Necropolis. They eventually found themselves in from of a suspicious door with sign "Keep Out". Without listening to Bone warnings, Mippy rushes in. Inside they found a big button with a sign "storm", and again without listening to Bone warning, Mippy pushed it. That activated a defense system, which shoot out arrows at Mippy, but Bone rushed in and protected him with it's body. Bone pretended to be dying, but he was joking, since he is already dead, he can't die from arrow. The button turn out to be controlling the storm outside Necropolis and that deactivated it.

Bone controlled by Jack's magic

Later they reunited with Keel and the rest, who where just defeated Bonboun-kun. Seeing how Lavie was worried for Mippy, that bring up little memories of his wife Maryanne. After the group talked with Jack, he realised the treasure he was after was the Jingi, but Jack took control of Bone, who in reality turned out to be resurrected by Jack himself. The controlled by Jack Bone, attacked Mippy, but was protected by Keel and Mippy begged Keel to not hurt Jack, since they have become friends. That bring up again memories of his Maryanne and Jack was able to regain control of his body and was able to remember everything. That angered Jack who blow off Jack's skull. At his final moments, Jack gave a pendant to Mippy and asked him to bring it to Maryanne of Sicily Village.

The pendant with picture of Bone and Maryanne

The fight with Jack continued and eventually Mippy charged at Jack's defensive magical weapon Kasao-kun. Unlucky for Jack, part of Kasao-kun where Bone's bones, who guided Mippy and made a hole in Kasao-kun, so that Mippy can enter and then stabbed Jack.