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Chapter 21



Behemoth is the group that Gyuumaou established after the Shikyou War and is one of the major antagonistic groups.


After the defeat of the Shikyou War, Gyuumaou made his own new organization and started working in underworld jobs such as slave trafficking. One of the many slaves that the group had an eye on was the dragon-ape, Keel. Unfortunately, Lily, Keel's surrogate mother and a member of Behemoth, committed suicide because she could not give them up in her right mind and decided death was the only way to beat the system. 100 members of Behemoth were defeated at the hands of a child dragon-ape who wanted revenge for her death. Gyuumaou defeated Keel easily and let him go only to recruit his younger brothers later on.

Behemoth later re-established itself and was much stronger than before. After a confrontation between Gyuumaou and Keel the result of the fight ended with Gyuumaou losing control over every member of Behemoth due to the destruction of Gyuumaous' Ring. The Shitenou members still remain loyal to him.


Years prior to the story, when Keel was just a boy he single-handedly defeated 100 members of Behemoth showing that they were not very strong before. Now, underlings like Keel's brothers are quite formidable and there are executive members, or lieutenants in a way, called Shitenou. These members have yet to actually fight but when they were about to attack Keel and Blue they showed that they are extremely formidable. As Gyuumaou is their leader that stands to reason more of what the group is capable of.

  • "Gyuumaou" T. Ross- Leader and former member of Shikyou. He considers Behemoth his family and the male members his "sons."
  • Goat- The goat who is the apparent leader of the Shitenou and calmest. He wields a katana and revolver.
  • Tiger- The overreacting tiger and a member of Shitenou who seems to prefer his claws.
  • Boar- The boar who only grunts and a member of Shitenou who places blame mainly on Tiger. He uses a club.
  • Wolf- The translator for Boar and a member of Shitenou who uses two katanas.

Former members include all the members who had their tattoo removed and are not part of Behemoth anymore.


  • So far the members contrast with the chinese zodiacs. The members include the monkey brothers for monkey, Boar for pig, Tiger for tiger, Goat for goat, Wolf for dog, and Gyuumaou for bull. There are also the members seen in the think back that follow this such as the two girls who were with Gyuumaou were cat and hare.
  • The Shitenou are based on the Four Heavenly Kings of Asian culture. It is unsure which represents which yet.
    • The four of  them all wear elaborate suits and clothing along with a type of glasses.
    • The Goat member is the only one to not wear sunglasses.