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Ayakashi (妖(あやかし)) is the Japanese word for ghost or monster and is one of the main antagonistic group in


the series.


It is unknown when the organization was founded or how big the organization is but it is known that it recruits powerful monsters that are well above their level, such as Banpaa or Toutan. The supposed leader of the group is considered Kurokiri Setsuna.

During the currrent timeline Ayakashi members were told to collect every treasure in the world in hopes of retrieving the Jingi. By doing this they will be able to participate in something known as the "Feast of God."

Their current movements have included:

  • Retrieving the proof of leadership from the Adams family; failed.
  • Retrieving a real Jingi from Shiro; success.
  • Retrieving a gem from the volcano protected byCrem; failed.