Name Albra
Kanji オルブラ
Romanji Orubura
Alternative spelling Olbra
Race Human (disguise)
Gender Male
Type of Adventurer Magic Fighter
Affiliations Ayakashi
Manga Debut Chapter 14

Albra is a famous adventurer who Gold disquised himself as.




Bird of ParadiseEdit

Gold disguised as Albra first appears with Yanxes after helping Keel and co. with a monster. They explain that they are going to kill a monster named The Bird of Paradise that has been poisoning a hot spring. After fighting the Bird of Paradise, Keel decides that he is joining the Bird's side. All of a sudden The Bird of Paradise reveals herself as Crem. Keel then explains that it is Albra and Yanxes that are doing it. Albra then sucks Keel and Lavi into a Gord. After they Albra and Lavi escape they start fighting . Albra and Yanxes reveal themselves as Gold and Silver.

Adventures CircusEdit

Albra and Yanxes show up and beat up some guys trying to attack Lavie,they are then attacked by Keel. When they explain that it was someone disquised as them. They are later partners for the Adventures Eight Cup and pass the preliminaries which was a swimsuit contest.

Ability and powersEdit

Albra is a Magic Fighter which has the requirements of both magician and a fighter. Gold used the following attacks disquised as Albra.